The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is located on the Northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Range. Most of the republic territory is covered by mountains and glaciers, which create a unique landscape and ecosystem of the region. Glaciers are the main source of drinking water in North Ossetia. Melted glacial waters go deep into the soil, are naturally filtrated and appear on the surface as springs of pure natural water, which has a magnificent soft taste and excellent chemistry.

One of these natural springs of drinking water is the “Arvaidan” spring (“Sky Mirror”), located at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level. The spring water has a temperature of 4-7° C degrees.

According to the expert opinion of the Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneology of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, this water is characterized as fresh, bicarbonate calcium composition, with a faintly alkaline reaction with mineralization less than 0.4 g per cubic decimeter. In terms of temperature, our water belongs to the group of cold waters.

In terms of organoleptic properties, water is a clear, colorless, odorless fresh liquid; does not form sediment and does not have radioactivity.

The content of other trace elements does not reach the norms characterizing them as biologically active. The chemical composition and physicochemical properties of water are typical for fresh groundwater in the region, which allows us to conclude that the macro ionic and micro component composition of groundwater is stable and its good quality.

“CAUCASUS GLACIAL AQUA” from “ARVAIDAN” spring is natural mineral table water.  By mineralization and the main ion composition it is bicarbonate calcium water without specific components and properties. In terms of macro ion and micro component chemistry, water belongs to the highest quality category. The ionic composition of water from the well is not subject to seasonal changes.

Thus, the natural mineral table water “CAUCASUS Glacial AQUA” of “Arvaidan” spring meets all the requirements. It does not contain any harmful and toxic components. This water is characterized by a stable water chemistry and is recommended for drinking, industrial bottling (with and without carbon dioxide), as well as for the production of various drinks based on it.

This water positively affects the work of the digestive tract, liver, kidneys and normalizes the general condition of the body.

The estimated volume of water production of the “Arvaidan” spring is 470 cubic meters per day.

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